2015 June

Panel in Philippines Approves Bill Creating Islamic Region
India: Modi’s UN Yoga Day latest example of co-incidence with Christian ‘high days and holidays’
Three continents see terrorist attacks on same day
Asia Bibi still a death row prisoner after six years; said to be ‘close to death’
NEWS ALERT: Leaflets Threaten Jerusalem Christians with Massacre
Christians in Deep Danger: 'We Dare Not Be Silent'
Turkey: Kobane threat underscores human crisis
Iraq: One-year anniversary of ISIS taking over Mosul
Muslims flock to Jesus in response to Islamic State
Asia Bibi: failing health on death row in Pakistan
Open Doors petitions President Obama on advocacy
Ramadan spotlight: India
ISIS solution: prayer?
Christians Fear Creation of Muslim Sub-State in Philippines
Christian Mother of 11 in Uganda Poisoned by Muslim In-Laws, Area Sources Say
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 315
US: InterVarsity reinstated at Cal State
Nigeria: Boko Haram attacks leave wives as widows
‘Closure’ movie encourages families of martyrs
Pakistan considers blasphemy law overhaul
Trauma care training helps ISIS victims
Muslims in Zanzibar Take Worship Hall, Bleed Another Church with Court Costs
Ireland: Prosecutors throttle Christian pulpit to protect Islam
UN Releases Report on Eritrea, Eritreans Ruled by Fear
Families of South Carolina church massacre victims offer forgiveness, as did Ugandan Christians years before
Syria: Helping the helpless in the shadow of ISIS
Middle East: Major Assyrian News Service Brought Down by Massive Denial of Service Attack
Syria: Islamic State fighters booby-trap beds, baths, and beyond
US: When Brethren Fall: Emmanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church (Writers Opinion)
Egypt: Coptic boys on bail, anti-Islam charges pending

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