2015 November

Good news in Syria
Special Report: Violence Against Women
Pope in Africa says conflict ‘feeds on fear, mistrust and despair’
What persecuted Christians want from us
US: How does shutting out refugees affect Christian persecution?
Christian Rights Activist Survives Assassination Attempt
The Iranian Calamity inside a Refugee Crisis
UK Pakistani Christian Convert Attacked and Hospitalized for his Faith
Syrian refugees: how should the Church respond?
Mali’s Christians vulnerable following attack
Italian police: Muslim refugees threw Christians overboard
Boko Haram ‘more deadly terror group’ in 2014 than IS
Middle East: SAT-7 answers fear with hope
The world’s deadliest terror group may not be who you think it is
Two Converts from Islam Slain in Yemen
DR Congo - Islamist militias threaten central Africa too
Burma (Myanmar) Military Offensive Displaces Kachin Christians
Indonesia Muslim Christian Conflict: Aceh Churches Destroyed As Sectarian Tension Rises
Armed Muslims Take Wife, Children from Christian in Kenya
Former British Hostage Terry Waite says ‘After Paris attacks, nations must unite to beat the evil enemy’
Facing a breaking point in Burundi
US excludes Iraq’s Christians from Islamic State genocide
18-year-old American tourist shot and killed in West Bank
Assyrian Christians and Muslims Live Side-by-Side in Paris, Reflecting the Reality of their Original homes in the Middle East
'You come here and take our jobs' Lebanese tell refugees
ISIS attacks become reality for the West
North Korean Church needs your help
Released Colombia Guerrilla Leader Searching For Murdered Pastor’s Widow
Islamic State Frees Dozens Of Christian Hostages, But Many Remain Detained
Canon Andrew White believes the only answer to Islamic State (ISIS) it to ‘radically destroy them’

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