2016 February

Pakistan hangs killer of Governor who challenged blasphemy law
Riots erupt in Pakistan after hanging of ‘Islamic Hero’ Mumtaz Qadri
India’s Christians told to leave by 2021
Iraq: Christians’ homes being seized by Muslim militia aligned with Iran
Eritreans and Somalis Face Some of World's Harshest Conditions
India: BJP crackdown threatens Christians
Case Dropped against Christians Arrested for Evangelizing in Alexandria, Egypt
France: Calais 'Jungle' camp demolition to begin
Islamic State training kidnapped children to become suicide bombers
Hurt and hope collide in northern Iraq
Turkey backs down on closing Bursa's only church
Nigeria Churches unite for first time to address violence in North
International: Islamic extremism, persecution, and you
Pakistan Christian Couple Sentenced To Death Over Text Messages
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin - RLPB 345
Islamic State Frees 43 Christians In Syria
Don't Forget to Pray for North Korea (COLUMN)
How romance across Egypt’s religious divide forces women and Christians to pay a higher price
Chinese Christians persecuted for talking
Embattled Christian Network Resumes Activities In Egypt
Pakistan Teen Killed In 'Terror' Campaign Against Christian Women, Girls
Hundreds Flee After Militants Kill Kenya Christians
India: Missionary Widow Honored with Mother Theresa Award
Middle East: Defeating ISIS requires faith, not fear
India: Nagaland: Welcome to ‘No Man’s Land’
Syria: Living as a Christian in the Islamic State
Egypt: 21 Christians martyred one year ago
Learn about Christian persecution in ‘I Am N’
Christian migrants find discrimination follows them to Europe
Eritrea: Persecution: A honeymoon with Jesus

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