2016 March

North Korean Defector Jung Gwang Il to Participate in Panel Session at huge Festival in Austin, Texas
US: New Report Shows Irrefutable Evidence of Genocide Against Christians by Islamic State
US: ISIS persecution: genocide or not?
Laos: a church divided against itself
Egypt: 'suicide' claim for third Christian conscript in nine months
Pakistan: Court bombing highlights nationwide tensions
After Massacre in Benue, Nigeria, Muslim Herdsmen Remain in Villages, Sources Say
Pope Condemns Murder Of Four Nuns In Yemen
Young Christian in Eastern Uganda Who Left Islam Is Beaten, Ostracized
India's Christians Facing Record Crackdown (COLUMN)
Global Day Of Prayer For Burma - Sunday 13 March 2016
Security Increased for Asia Bibi following Execution of Islamist Assassin in Pakistan
WEA Religious Liberty Prayer News
Gunmen kill 4 nuns and 12 others in Yemen
Turkey: Christians able to keep worshipping in church
Christians fleeing Pakistan are stuck in Thailand
US: Saeed Abedini Opens Up about His Iran Prison Experience
Anti-Christian Hatred Seen in Attack on Church Building in Samsun, Turkey
Hundreds killed in Nigeria attacks
Anniversary of Shahbaz Bhatti Goes Unrecognized in Pakistan due to Mourning for ‘Islamic Hero’ Mumtaz Qadri
The rise of persecution in Nigeria
Egypt: Coptic headmistress denied promotion ‘for being Christian’
Another Suspicious Coptic Christian 'Suicide' in Egyptian Military Raises Anxieties
China and Egypt: Court Rulings Designed to Intimidate
Our World: Thailand's Asylum Crackdown

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