2016 April

Good News about ‘traumatized’ Children of a Christian Couple, Burned to Death by a Pakistani Mob
Hindu Extremists in Uttar Pradesh, India Torture Christian Convert
Liberal and Tolerant Malaysia Heading Down Islamist Path? (COLUMN)
Bill in Kaduna State, Nigeria Would Criminalize Street Evangelism, 'Offensive' Preaching, Clergy Say
TURKEY: Church Seizures Reflect Ottoman Policy
Christians in Burma Patiently Endure Building of Pagodas on Church Lands
Thousands Gather to Protest Norway's Removal of Children from Christian Family
Algerian churches still fighting for freedom of worship
Woman in Uganda Says Muslims Beat, Raped Her for Accusing Imam of Killing Her Father
Italy: Rome to honor Christian martyrs
Vietnam's Religion Law ‘created to repress, control’
Starving North Korean teenager escaped, found Jesus in China
Pakistan makes history by issuing a postage stamp in recognition a Christian’s service for the mainly Islamic country
International: Women, faith, and the global gender gap
‘Losing my religion’ - why it’s so hard in the Middle East
Central Asia: Summer camp ministries face threats
Persecution in Pakistan ignored by US
US: How can CPC list omit Iraq, Syria?
UK Parliament Calls Islamic State (ISIS) Atrocities Against Religious Minorities 'Genocide'
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Massacres Reach Southern Nigeria
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 354
Church leader’s wife dead after buried alive during church demolition
Copt teenager kidnapped for ransom in Upper Egypt
Indian pastor and pregnant wife attacked by militant Hindus
UK Parliament votes that Islamic State commits ‘genocide’
Deadly Raid in Ethiopia Kills 41 South Sudanese Covenanters
Muslims in Uganda Kill Christians' Livestock, Demolish Church Building
BREAKING NEWS: Korean Christian Worker Feared Kidnapped By North Korea
Libya: Storm Clouds Gather
Pakistan court grants bail to chief suspect in oven killings of Christian couple

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