2016 May

Argentinian Baptist pastor continues to face intimidation, threats
South Sudan: Civilians in Wau targets of violence from government soldiers
‘Boko Haram is 100% a Muslim problem,’ says Nigerian Sheikh
Infant Boy Killed in Sudanese Air Force Bombing of Christian Family
Muslim Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria Kill Three Christians, Attack Another with Machetes
Christian Prisoner in Iran Begins Hunger Strike over Denial of Medical Treatment
Iran Frees Two Members Of Church Of Iran, Others Detained
Muslim Mob Kills Christian in Niger State, Nigeria for 'Blasphemous' Facebook Post
Vietnam: Serious Suffering as Persecution Escalates
Egyptian Crack-Down on Human Rights Defenders Reaches Key Christian Activist
Muslim in Eastern Uganda Kills Wife for Leaving Islam, Relatives Say
No Anti-Christian Motive Seen in Killing of Pastor in India
Sudan: Khartoum re-arrests pastor, holds others 'pending serious charges'
Nigeria: ‘Boko Haram is 100% a Muslim problem,’ says Sheikh
Police in Pakistan Arrest Christian Victim of Beating, Blasphemy Accusation
Pakistan Teenager "Murdered" For Christian Faith
Egypt Muslim Mob Assault Elderly Christian Woman, Homes Destroyed
BREAKING NEWS: North Korea "Ordered" Abduction Christian Missionary
How Can I Help The Persecuted? (COLUMN)
Pastor Re-Arrested in Sudan Could Face Capital Crime Charges, Sources Say
Pakistan: Christian women and children arrested for terrorism, seek justice!
Freedom of religion among Myanmar’s ‘biggest challenges’
Pakistan: Christian woman refuses to leave home after blasphemy accusation
'Accident' Kills Evangelical Pastor, New Christian in Vietnam
Hard-line Hindus in India Burn Christian, Set Fire to Houses of Others in Chhattisgarh
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 358
Sudan: Khartoum releases Christian minister, holds another 'pending charges'
Kazakhstan church raids a ‘backward step’
‘Can Christians be butchers?’ Tanzania’s Islamist tensions continue
Nigeria Army Claims Two Christian Schoolgirls Rescued; Parents Cautious

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