2016 June

Mexican Protestants continue to face pressure for leaving 'traditionalist' churches
Pakistani policeman beats up church leader over ‘loudspeaker music’
Kazakhstan: Harsher Laws Planned As 89-Year-Old Christian leader Fined
Christian Killed in Eastern Uganda after Religious Discussion with Muslims
Nigeria: Legislation Will Further Islamize Nigeria
Groups: 'India Hindu Militants Attack Children, Villagers, For Christian Faith'
Persecuted Rights Advocates in Vietnam Seek Help from World's Democracies
‘Refer Eritrea to ICC for crime against humanity of persecution’
Pakistan: Mother ‘burnt her daughter to death’ over marriage
Iraq: Why Najiba can't go home
Muslim Gang in Nigeria Stabs Non-Muslim for Eating on Ramadan
Libyan pays high price for her new-found Christian faith
Nigeria: Pastor's wife killed after blasphemy accusation
Istanbul car bomb explosion kills 11; injures 36
Sudan: War and Famine, Impunity and Funding
US: Tiny Christian church in holy war with Islam
Nigeria considers giving Islamic appeals courts authority to take criminal cases
Malaysian bill amendment to tighten Sharia punishments alarms non-Muslims
UK Asylum claims from Christian converts being rejected if they cannot recite the Ten Commandments
BREAKING NEWS: Iran Frees Jailed Christian Convert On Health Grounds
Islamic Militants Hack To Death Christian Grocer In Bangladesh
Muslim Mob in Northern Nigeria Kills Pastor's Wife on 'Blasphemy' Accusation
Vietnam Frees Long-Time Jailed Priest, But Pastor "Killed" By Military
Pakistani Christians on the run after blasphemy accusation
Bishop pleads for justice as attack on Copt grandmother ‘stripped naked’ stirs Egypt
Freedom of religion or belief ‘undermined’ in corrupt countries
Iranian Christian goes on hunger strike to demand medical treatment
Middle East: Ramadan: fasting, fear, and opportunity

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