2016 October

Resources and mindsets for upcoming International Day of Prayer
Somalia enters freefall following ISIS, al-Shabaab flurry
Emergency Order Broadens Turkey's Power to Deport Foreigners
Christian School in Sudan Closed Down after Police, Civilians Seize Property
Nine-year-old Pakistani boy, and his mother, narrowly escape blasphemy law death sentence
Islamic Extremists Kill 12 More People in Mandera, Kenya
Christians in Iran Appeal Sentence of 80 Lashes for Drinking Communion Wine
Pakistani church leader and family hospitalised over house dispute
Aleppo: ‘mosters devour one another in city of death and destruction’
UK Foreign Office hosts global summit on freedom of religion or belief
Is there hope for the Middle East?
Pastor's Faith Steadfast as Hindu Extremists Abuse Him in Maharashtra, India
Church Buildings in Khartoum, Sudan at Risk of Demolition
BREAKING NEWS: Mounting Concerns About Detained US Couple In Turkey
Pastor in Cuba Sentenced to One Year of House Arrest
Concerns raised for American Missionary Couple in Turkey
Dangerous Area in Kaduna, Nigeria a Virtual Ghost Town; 13 More Deaths Discovered
October 2016 Update
Christianity once considered a ‘disease’, but now ‘tolerated’ in Cuba
Nigerian Middle Belt State: 800+ Christians killed, 800+ injured, 100+ churches destroyed
Iraqi Christian girls, hiding under bed from IS, text priest: ‘Please come for us’
More Iraqi towns ‘freed’ but Nineveh Christians not confident about safe return
12 killed in attack ‘by Al-Shabaab gunmen targeting Kenyan Christians’
Syria: Russia says no more ‘humanitarian pauses’ in Aleppo
The persecuted Church in Sudan
Nigeria: UPDATE: Chibok girls happy to ‘be back’ but talk of captivity
Germany refugee centre an ‘example for others’ dealing with interfaith conflict
Nigeria: Chibok school girls and what’s ahead
Turmoil in Pakistan as Extremists Call for Lynching of Two Blasphemy Law Victims
Iraqi Christians look homeward toward Mosul, uncertainly

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