2016 December

Kidnapped Priest in Yemen Appeals for Help in Video
Clergymen Missing after Helping Reporters Cover Bombing of Church Building in Burma
Future of Christians and Minorities in Turkey at Risk
Let Freedom Ring: Church bells ring out again from Assyrian churches throughout the war-ridden Middle East
North Korean believers risk safety for ministry
Christians Flee, Single Mother Homeless after Christmas Attacks in Eastern Uganda
Authorities Foil Suspected Islamist Terror Attack in Melbourne, Australia
Syria: Aleppo 'Hell-Hole': Children Burned Alive, Women Killing Themselves to Avoid Being Raped
Iraqi clergy say Prince's solidarity message needs political backing
Egypt: Blood, rubble, dust – and a premonition: Cairo church bomb survivors remember their dead
Nepali church leaders found guilty of ‘witchcraft’ and ‘violence’ for helping mentally ill woman
Muslim storms kids' Christmas play yelling 'Allahu akbar!'
Nigerian churches criticised for not helping persecuted north
Vietnam enacts “Law on Belief and Religion”
Asia Bibi faces another lonely Christmas in her ‘death row’ cell in Pakistan
Indian Catholic bishops vow to end marginalisation of Dalits in Church
Burma: the resilience of the Christian faith
Egypt’s Tragedy…And a Story of Forgiveness
‘No Christmas or carol singing’ orders in Santa Claus’ homeland Turkey
Baroness Caroline Cox talks about her recent close encounter with death by the Islamic Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria
Syria: evacuation, confusion, fear from Aleppo
Christmas Prayer
Sudan Delaying Case against Pastors to Avoid Releasing Them, Sources Say
Burma Armed Forces Bomb Church Building Previously Seized as Base
NEWS ALERT: Iran Pastor, Christians Facing Long Prison Term and Lashes
India: Kerala chief minister calls for new investigation into Christians’ Kandhamal convictions
Murder of Fulani Christian mayor in Mali increases concerns over creeping Islamic extremism
Sudanese pastors pressured to ‘inform’ or stand trial
Sudan: Key Darfuri witness testifies in Khartoum pastors’ trial
ISIS hits Egypt; claims church bombing

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