2017 January

Russia: Duma To Review Anti-Terror Law
Syria's Catholic Leader Urges End To Western Sanctions
A year in prison for Algerian Christian for Facebook post
Refugee crisis ‘exacerbated by religious persecution’
Police rapes, acquittals and false accusations highlight Christians’ vulnerability in India
2017 World Watch List shows extremists are key national persecution players
Pastor in Uganda Attacked after Sheikh Sent to Kill Him Becomes Christian
Christian persecution in America
Egypt couple's murder marks second attack on Christians during Copt Christmas
UPDATE: 1 year on, kidnap Swiss missionary in Mali - video
US: Religious freedom law: a good sign for the persecuted Church
Pakistan: religious freedom issues on front burner
Christian in Algeria Sentenced to Prison for Cartoons on Facebook
Silence: Scorsese’s movie is a masterpiece on persecuted Christianity
Egypt: Four arrests for Copt cathedral bombing which killed 28; also Sisi promises new ‘mega-church’ for 2018
Blasphemy laws target Christians in Pakistan
Prominent Pakistani Christian Lawyer, Who Fled His Country Following Numerous Death Threats, Is Again Receiving Threats on His Life
Criticised for not securing release of kidnapped priest in Yemen, Indian government says it ‘told him not to go’
Sri Lanka: believers face trial by fire
Pakistan: Illiterate Christian man from Lahore accused of blasphemy
'China Refuses Cancer Treatment For Christian Activist'
Concerns Mount that Clergyman in Burma Have Been Killed
U.S. on list of Christian-persecuting nations
Vietnam: Communist govt asks churches to help them celebrate
Being Married to an Imprisoned Christian in China
Nigeria: 1000 days: 24th Chibok girl to be freed leaves 195 of 276 still missing
Pakistani Christian accused of blasphemy after ripped Qur’an found outside home
2017 commences with a somber note in Turkey
Update: Nigerian Army recovers 24th Chibok kidnap victim
How women of the Central African Republic overcome trauma by trading

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