Vietnam: Communist govt asks churches to help them celebrate


Date:                                           January 7, 2017


ICC Note:

In a Communist country where Christians are persecuted for their faith, the government has asked churches to help them ring in the new year by sounding their church bells for the New Year celebration. Vietnam sent a directive to provinces and cities to save their money to provide aid to poor people. The government of the city of Hanoi appealed to churches to ring their bells in celebration of the lunar new year with occurs January 26th to Feburary 1st. Vietnam is a country in which Christians often experience persecution, discrimination, and imprisonment as a result of their faith.

1/7/2016 Vietnam (UCA News) - The Hanoi city government has asked churches and temples to ring bells on the eve of the lunar new year instead of staging firework displays.

The move is in line with a Secretariat of the Central Committee Communist Party of Vietnam directive to cities and provinces throughout the country not to set off fireworks during the Tet festival, but save money to provide aid for poor people.

"We have appealed in writing to churches, temples and other worship places to ring bells to usher in the lunar new year,” To Van Dong, head of the Hanoi Department of Culture and Sports, told a press meeting on Jan. 3.

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