2017 May

Terrorists Linked with Islamic State Abduct Priest in Attack in Mindanao, Philippines
Iraq: Top cleric says Christians must convert to Islam, be killed, or pay tax
Chaos in the Philippines as Islamist group storms city, abducts Christians and sets church on fire
Azerbaijanis fined and detained for selling religious books
Indonesia: Jakarta’s Christian ex-governor drops blasphemy appeal ‘for sake of the people’
Tortured legal assistant breaks silence on human rights crackdown
Ways for Christians to pray during Ramadan
Pakistani Christian schoolgirl told: ‘Do Islamic studies instead of Ethics, or leave this school’
Second church in 10 days torn down in Sudan
Iran: People Want Change
China: Exposing abuses, wives of persecuted human rights advocates visit Washington
Turkey unprepared for Trump’s counter-demand
Afghanistan: German aid worker killed, Finnish woman ‘kidnapped’ in Kabul
Iraqi bishops seek $262m for post-IS ‘Marshall Plan’
Two years post-earthquake, Nepal seeing a Gospel revival
Detained Iranian Christians Face Tough Court
Eritrea Government Detained More Christians In New Crackdown
Top-o’-the Christian Experience to You!
Islamic laws tighten in Pakistan
Millions of Pakistanis receive blasphemy warning texts
Violent Persecution of Christians Rises in India, 'An Attack Being Recorded Every 40 Hours': Report
USCIRF releases annual report on religious freedom
China: Young lawyer exposes her torture in prison
China: Christians argue sentences illegal, file appeals
China: Court rules case has ‘insufficient evidence,’ lawyer plans bail appeal
China: Anhui authorities deceive pastor into custody, demand cross removal
‘We have failed to protect non-Muslims’ – Pakistan government spokesman
Iraqi bishops seek US$262m for post-IS ‘Marshall Plan’
Why Iranian Christians are pinning hopes on ‘moderate’ Rouhani, despite human rights failures
Nigeria: Chibok escapee, ‘not one of 276’, exactly a year after first girl found: 113 still missing

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