2017 May

US: Persecution Summit vows six goals
Pakistan: Christian woman’s seven year ordeal on death row extended after court dismisses appeal for new hearing
China: Fujian church banned after accusation of ‘Korean collaboration’
Vice President Pence and US government Vows More Aid to Persecuted Christians
US Vice-President says Trump will protect Middle East Christians and flush out ‘terrorists’
Sudan: cause for celebration and prayer
Muslim Extremists in Uganda Threaten to Kill Family of Pastor Whose Property They Destroyed
China: Torture, trials, and a harrowing rescue!
China: Two years after he disappeared, Christian human rights lawyer reunites with family
Petition to remove circular intimidating Sri Lankan churches
Christian Afghan women stabbed to death in Germany
Nigerian officials stole food meant for starving victims of Boko Haram
Priest kidnapped in Yemen appeals for help in new video
Pakistan releases IS-linked woman who planned Easter suicide attack
UPDATE: Two Sudanese convicted of aiding Czech Christian ‘spy’ released
Nigeria: Chibok parents relieved: ‘Grace is out!’
World Summit ‘In Defence of Persecuted Christians’ starts in US capital
Indonesia: Widespread condemnation for prison sentence of Ahok
Solidarity for Egypt’s beleaguered Christians during first Coptic papal visit to UK
Sudanese government destroys another church
Indonesia: Jakarta court presses forward in jailing Ahok for blasphemy
Indonesia: Christian Governor of Jakarta Given Jail Sentence for "Blasphemy"
Sinai: eighth El-Arish Copt killed in targeted attack
Death threat note left in Tanzanian coast Catholic Church
China: Human rights lawyer unjustly tried for subversion in Hunan, pleads guilty after months of torture
Nigeria: Boko Haram releases 82 Chibok school girls
Nigeria: 1,000 days: 24th Chibok girl to be freed leaves 195 of 276 still missing
North Korea arrests fourth U.S. citizen amidst rising hostilities
Putting a global spotlight on Christian persecution
Pastor, Christian Activist Sentenced to Prison in Sudan Are Released

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