China: More than 330 million abortions since 1971


Date:                                            May 2, 2017


By Mark Ellis, Senior Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

Forced abortion in ChinaCHINA (ANS - May 2, 2017) -- Directed by Chinese authorities, doctors performed more than 330 million abortions since the government began their “family planning” policy in 1971, according to official government statistics obtained by The Financial Times.

There has been much controversy and debate since China’s one-child policy was launched, with many forced abortions and sterilizations employed in the toxic program.

Christians and other human rights campaigners have decried the policy, with many paying a heavy price including incarceration by the government.

The one-child rule, with exceptions for ethnic minorities and some rural families, was officially launched in 1979.

Since the early 70s, doctors have performed 336 million abortions and 196 million sterilizations, the data reveal. They also inserted 403 million intrauterine devices, a common birth control method in the West but one that Chinese officials often forced on women, according to The Financial Times.

The government estimated that without the one-child policy in place the population would be 30 per cent larger.

In the US, about one-fourth the size of China, approximately 50 million abortions have been performed since the Roe vs. Wade Supreme Court decision legalized abortion in 1973.

Each year Chinese doctors kill about 7 million unborn babies, sterilize almost 2 million men and women, and insert 7 million intrauterine devices, government figures show.

Photo captions: 1) A forced abortion in China. 2) Mark Ellis.


Mark EllisAbout the writer: Mark Ellis is Senior Correspondent for the ASSIST News Service (, and is also the founder of, a website that shares testimonies and videos from the church around the world to build interest and involvement in world missions. Previously, Mark co-hosted a TV show called “Windows on the World” with ANS Founder, Dan Wooding, aired on the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network (, which is now co-hosted by Dr. Garry Ansdell, Senior Pastor of Hosanna Christian Fellowship in Bellflower, California.

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