Nigeria: Boko Haram’s worst attack this year kills 17, injures 34
Young Christian Woman Said To Be Kidnapped outside Cairo, Egypt
Francis Chan: Korean missionaries wish they were still imprisoned by Taliban
Further denials of water, electricity for house churches in Wenzhou
Power shifts in Turkey make local believers wary
Pakistan law adds pressure on religious minorities
Ramadan prayer guide shares poignant story of Muslim man and the Gospel
New Movie ‘Faithkeepers’ focuses on the Persecuted Church Around the World
U.S. House Approves Assistance to Victims of Islamic State Genocide
Richward Wurmbrand’s story brought to life on stage
Ramadan prayers and a time for Christians to intercede
Egypt: ‘Horrific’ social media posts celebrated murder of Coptic Christians in Minya
Vietnam’s bishops say new religion law ‘not considered a human right’
North Korean accused of ‘spying’ after visiting Christian relatives in China
UNHCR accused of ‘negligence’ after Pakistani Christian dies in Thai detention centre
Iraq: Abducted Christina reunited with her parents after 3 years
Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Conservative attitudes can be passport for misogyny’
Half of Syria and Iraq’s Christians have left since 2011, says report
Christian human rights lawyer pinned with subversion charges
Neighbors help Christians escape Filipino city under siege
Pakistani sewage worker dies after 3 doctors on Ramadan fast refuse to touch him
Nepal, local elections, and attitudes towards religion
Algerian believer faces blasphemy charges
Christian Sanitation Worker in Pakistan Dies after Hospital Refuses to Treat Him, Family Says
Christianity not welcome in Sudan, warns jailed pastor’s lawyer
In Kurdistan, signs of diminished freedoms for Christians
Political stalemate holds US pastor ‘hostage’ in Turkish jail
China: Officials arrest pastor detained on falsified damage charges
China: Henan officials destroy under-construction church, detain 40 Christians
Nearly 100 Eritrean Christians arrested for illegal church denominations

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