2017 July

China: Ultimatum forces choice of truth or government monitoring for Guangdong church
First husband brutally killed a week after wedding; five years on, Kenyan re-marries
Vietnam pastor freed early from prison in return for exile to US
Copts in Kom El-Loufy still have no church in their village, and they’re not alone
Ethiopian Christian attacked with machetes for evangelising
Prime Minister of Pakistan steps down
Democracy in Turkey teeters on brink of extinction
Police Disingenuous in Hindu Extremist Assault on Pastors in Tamil Nadu, India, Sources Say
Hunger Strikes in Iran Protest Upsurge in Harsh Sentences, Treatment of Christians
Buddhists in Burma Attack, Injure Newly Converted Christians
China: Christian leader interrogated, church raided
China: Prosecution stage begins for innocent pastor as officials fail to properly review case
Christians Concerned About Kidnapped Missionaries In Mali
Campaign Launched by Christian-Jewish Group to Help Persecuted Mideast Christians
Nigeria: 42 Chibok girls graduate from secondary school
US government warned of persistent ‘ideology of hatred’ in Saudi textbooks
Saudi intellectual urges Muslim nations to treat Christians as equal citizens
Bishop in C. African Republic wants more effective UN peacekeepers after ‘failure to protect’
India: Cross desecrations continue in Goa, despite arrest of Catholic ‘culprit’
Iraqi Christian mayor’s removal ‘part of Kurdish plot to gain influence’?
New nominee for Office of International Religious Freedom
Almost 500 Nigerian community leaders meet to resolve conflict, but Kaduna attacks continue
Pakistani Christian’s mother says son killed for asking for an end to his slavery
Iranian Christian out on bail after 3-week hunger strike
Crimea also affected in first year of Russia’s ‘anti-missionary law’
Myanmar Baptists face eight years in prison for helping journalist to photograph bombed church
US nominates new religious freedom ambassador
China: Henan Communist Party leaders organize team to police religious activities
Suicide bomber kills 26 in Pakistan
Sudan Orders Christian Schools to Operate on Sundays

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