2017 August

Indian Christians faced almost as many attacks in first half of 2017 as all of 2016
Central African Republic: ‘early warning signs of genocide’ warns UN aid chief
China: Falsely accused Christian emerges from 2 years in jail, stronger in faith
Christian convert Maryam Nagash Zargaran released from prison
Finding freedom of religion in Nepal
Kidnapped Pastor in Nigeria Released from Five Days of Captivity
India: Serious Threat of Hindutva
Fulani Herdsmen Kidnap Pastor in Plateau State, Central Nigeria
Coastal and north-east Kenyans have more to fear than most, as Al-Shabaab threatens elections
Iraqi Christians returning to Nineveh Plains after 3 years ‘need protection’
Bangladesh cracks down on religious NGOs
Myanmar believers push for unity
Christians Killed, Injured in Church Shooting in Southern Nigeria
Two Prisoners Set Free
Trump Nominates Int'l Religious Freedom Ambassador
Australia - Children banned from talking about Jesus in the playground
Egyptians Told “Renounce Your Faith or Die!”
China: Jiangxi officials remove crosses
Cuban Pastor Ramon Rigal Barred from Working as Church Leader
Sudan demolishes another church, but MPs block school on Sundays
Displaced by Boko Haram’s violence, Nigerians finally get food to prevent famine
Somaliland closes only Catholic church due to public pressure – it re-opened a week ago after 30 years
Iraq: Archbishop fears persistence of IS ideology despite military defeat
Indonesia ‘to guarantee rights of religious minorities’
India: another state expected to pass ‘anti-conversion law’
Why Syrian and Iraqi Christians eye different futures
U.S. sanctions against Russia fuel anti-Western sentiment
Iranian Christian Maryam Naghash Zargaran released after four years in prison
Kyrgyzstan: ‘We will kill you’ sprayed on church wall
Iraqi Christians reject second mayor installed by pro-Kurd council

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