2017 August

UN troops ‘complicit’ in killing of civilians, says MP for Gambo, eastern C. African Republic
China: Christian human rights lawyer forced to confess to crimes
India faces spike in persecution
Christian Mother Who Died in Detention in Eritrea Showed Signs of Torture, Mourners Note
MISSING: Chinese human rights lawyer
IRAN – Ayatollah warns that many Iranian young people are converting to Christianity
INDIA – Pastor arrested and accused of wrongful conversion
MYANMAR (BURMA) – Christians injured and have properties destroyed in Buddhist mob attack
PAKISTAN – Innocent Christian dies in Pakistan prison
PAKISTAN – Another Pakistani Christian girl kidnapped, raped and forced to convert to Islam
Egypt Closes One Church, Blocks Worship at Another
North Korean regime ‘in complete denial’ about rights abuses
Egypt: Copts worship in streets after clashes over church permit
Freed from prison after 4 years, Christian woman ‘banned from leaving Iran’
China: Human rights lawyer freed, but under heavy surveillance
Philippines: Marawi Crisis Needs Urgent Prayer
Kenyan Christians killed for refusing to recite Islamic Shahada
DRC: grandmother forced to live in classroom after husband and friends murdered
‘Small window to act’ to restore Christianity in Middle East
Nepal criminalises conversions and ‘hurting religious sentiment’
Iran’s clerics concerned by spread of Christianity among youth
China: Christians forced to replace crosses with photos of Communist leaders
Eritrea: Christian mother dies in prison
Pakistan: illiterate Christian boy, 16, forced to confess ‘blasphemy’ to escape mob violence
Nigeria: ‘I identify with Chibok parents, I too am a victim, I lost my son’ – UN award winner Rebecca Dali
Egypt: ‘Copts barred from church by police’
China: Sichuan officials threaten house church, refuse documentation
Canadian pastor released from North Korea
Imprisoned 600 Days: Update on Vietnam Christian Prisoner
Police in Sudan Evict Two Pastors from Their Homes

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