2017 August

China: Authorities monitor churches in order to keep children out
China: Hubei Christians attacked with fireworks, mud
China: Police arrest man who had legs stapled together on ‘false evidence’ charge
‘Pakistan’s Mother Theresa’ honoured with state funeral
Cuba: pastor returns to work after arrest for home-schooling
Iran: wife of jailed pastor next in court, then their son
Mali Islamist to pay millions in compensation for damaged mausoleums, but nothing for churches
Losing presidential candidate Odinga challenging Kenya election results in court
US: Curry talks Christian persecution at Jewish Temple
Judge in Pakistan Urges Parliament to Prosecute Blasphemy Cases under Terrorism Laws
Modi accused of hypocrisy after BJP bulldozes through India’s latest ‘anti-conversion law’
IS guilty of genocide, says Tillerson
Growing list of Christians charged under Russia’s ‘anti-missionary law’
Café attack in Burkina Faso, 18 killed
Sweden to Iranian convert it plans to deport: ‘It’s not our problem you chose to become a Christian’
North Korea: freed pastor Hyeon Soo Lim welcomed home with ‘joyful crying’
Nigeria: outrage at Chibok kidnappings ‘inspired’ Boko Haram to use female bombers
Released Canadian Christian describes ‘harsh’ conditions inside N Korean labour camp
India: Jharkhand the latest Indian state to pass ‘anti-conversion bill’
Eritrea: imprisoned Christian mother dies, as arrests continue
Blasphemy laws violate human rights in 1/3 nations – USCIRF
China: Human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng vanishes
China: Jiangsu conference plans to strengthen Communist power with church persecution, propaganda
North Korea threatens missile launch at Guam; Guam ministry launching the Gospel back
Nigeria: Boko Haram captives released, but not yet home
Pastors in India Put Trust in God amid Persecution
CAR: Islamic Militias 'More Heavily Armed Than Ever'
China - August, 2017
70 years after Pakistan’s founding, what PM’s recent ousting means for minorities
Kazakhstan deports missionary for conducting baptisms

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