2017 September

China: Christian family threatened with death for harvesting peanuts
Hungary Blacklists Dutch Journalist Stefan J. Bos, Founder BosNewsLife
Turkish president admits US pastor is a political hostage
India: Fr. Tom Uzhunnalil welcomed home with flowers and tears
India: yoga centre accused of forcibly reconverting women and girls to Hinduism
Iranian parents face difficult decision in child education
Sudan Arrests Another Pastor in Omdurman
Christians in Iraq Still at Risk from Militants
Turkish Church Faces Bureaucratic Obstacles
US Efforts to Assist Those in North Korea Cross a Major Hurdle
Witch Doctors Perform Sacrifice of Children in Uganda
Zimbabwe Arrests Christian Pastor for Peaceful Protest Plans
China: Officials refuse pastors court hearing
New rules could mean less freedom for China’s Christians
INDIA – Hindu mob try and use children to incriminate pastor
IRAQ – UN Security Council finally agrees to investigate genocide of Christians
SUDAN – Human Rights Watch highlights ongoing plight of Sudanese Christians
MALAYSIA – Launderette bans non-Muslim customers
INDIA – Church and Bibles torched in night attack
Four Nepali Christians Released After Nine Months of Wrongful Imprisonment
Islamic extremism rising in Indonesia
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 425
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard confiscates Christian literature as ‘publicity stunt’
Nepali Christians freed 9 months after conviction for ‘witchcraft’ of praying for mentally ill woman
India: church fire attack in Karnataka
Pakistani woman calls for Western countries to recognise Christian persecution
Vietnam: Catholic activist sent back to prison in new crackdown
US: Worldwide blasphemy cases highlighted in USCIRF report
Nigeria: Religious leaders unite in ‘Appeal of Peace’ after violence in Jos
US, North Korea: US Efforts to Assist the Victims of Kim's Regime Cross a Major Legislative Hurdle

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