2017 October

Central African Republic IDPs angry at UN failure to protect them
Cameroon: 6 siblings kidnapped by Boko Haram escape to safety
Jordan charity ‘restoring dignity’ to Iraq’s refugees
Egypt: another Coptic church closed after flyer causes riot
Pakistan should be ‘country of particular concern’ – US senators
Bangladesh orders removal of ‘jihad’ from madrassa textbooks
Egypt: Mob Attacks St. George's Church, Damages Other Christian-Owned Buildings
Church leaders arrested in Sudan
Pastor Says Sudanese Regime Using Courts to Persecute Christians
Burma Jails Kachin Baptist Pastors
Hungarian Church Group Rushes Aid To Displaced Christians In Iraq
US Vice President Mike Pence says UN has failed to help Christians and other victims of genocide in the Middle East
Christian Woman, Son and Daughter Killed in Plateau State, Nigeria
Muslims Target Pastor with Criminal Accusation in Zanzibar, Tanzania
1,000 Christian Families Flee Northern Iraq In Latest Clashes
Two Pastors in Burma Sentenced to Prison
Two Chinese Christians held for 24 hours for plans to travel to Hong Kong
HUNGARY – Government-sponsored conference calls for action to address persecution of Christians
PHILIPPINES – Government forces declare victory over IS and recapture Marawi
IRAQ – Christian families forced to flee homes for the second time as Kurds and Iraqis clash
INDONESIA – Islamists protest against government efforts to maintain religious equality
IRAN – Three converts arrested in “new campaign” against Christians in Iran
Yemen’s Rebel Government Threatens to Close Schools
Saudi Prince Says He Will Reform Country, Silent on Religious Freedom
Sudan Church of Christ leaders charged with sound pollution for ‘noisy’ services
Jill Ireland back in court as Malaysia considers Christians’ right to call God ‘Allah’
Indonesia: ‘zero flexibility’ for adoptions by religious minorities
Egypt: Copts stage sit-in to protest at church closure
Myanmar: Kachin Baptists jailed for helping photograph bombed church
Indonesia: Jakarta’s new governor urged to protect rights of religious minorities

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