2017 October

Five Church Leaders in Sudan Arrested after Refusing to Cancel Worship Service
40 FAMILIES FREED! Pakistani Christian brick-kiln workers rejoice at their liberation
China: Pastor, missionary faces persecution before National Party Congress
New Conflict in Iraq Separating Displaced Christian Families
Two Christians Hospitalized After Brutal Assault on Church in India
Pastor’s Daughter Kidnapped, Then Saved in Southern Niger
ISIS Prepares to Disappear into Society, Alarming Christians
EU Expresses Concerns Over Pakistan’s Human Rights Situation
NIGERIA – Muslim Fulani herders continue onslaught against Christian communities
IRAQ & SYRIA – Christians feel “abandoned” and “betrayed” by the West
EGYPT – Church leader stabbed to death in daylight
Democratic Republic of Congo - Christians face potential new threat as Islamist group calls for jihad
Port Authorities in Sudan Detain Bible Shipment without Explanation
Widow of 36 Y/O asylum seeker (father of three) killed in Thailand's brutal IDC wants justice
6 Pakistani Police Officers Arrested and Charged With Murder For Killing Christian School Boy
Philippines: Marawi liberated but root cause of extremism remains
China: state-sanctioned Church says new regulations will ‘strengthen Christianity’
ChinaAid president attends Bush conference on worldwide liberty and democracy
Azerbaijan: ‘no fair trial’ for house-church leader appealing against fine
Algeria: ‘unjust law’ still denying churches their ‘right to worship’
Saudi Arabia pledges to scrutinise hadiths to ‘eliminate’ extremism
North Korean believers: Desperate to study the Bible, they met in a hole in the ground
Leaked Report: China's Christians Face Worst Persecution In Decades
5 Bible Verses We Should Pray for North Korea
India: 88 slaves freed in eight days
Two Christians Hospitalized in Critical Condition After Brutal Assault on Church in India
Christians on alert as Iraqi forces take over Nineveh Plains
Northern Christians condemn killings in Plateau, urge Nigeria government to intervene
Iraqi-Kurdish violence could push Christians who survived IS ‘to flee for good’
Indian Christians beaten ‘with rods and sticks’

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