Saudi Prince Says He Will Reform Country, Silent on Religious Freedom


Date:  October 27, 2017

Saudi Arabia (CT)

Mohammed bin Salman is the crown prince of Saudi Arabia who is promising reform in his country. He plans to bring “moderate Islam” back to the country after the past 30 years of a “religious reactionary spirit” he sees as a response to the Iranian revolution. He is adamant that they will not waste time in bringing about these reforms in an effort to return to a more moderate Saudi Arabia. The US State Department has a list of reforms it would like to see enacted in Saudi Arabia, but only time will tell how he will enforce the reforms he sees fit.

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  • Pray for Saudi Arabia as it goes through a transitional time.
  • Pray for all of those who are oppressed under current religious laws.
  • Pray for the Christian faith to have a presence in Saudi Arabia.

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