HUNGARY – Government-sponsored conference calls for action to address persecution of Christians


Date:  October 27, 2017

A conference sponsored by the government of Hungary has released a joint declaration calling for international action to address the persecution of Christians.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban opened the two-day conference on 11 October. In his inaugural address, Orban spoke of how “the forced expulsion of Christian communities and the tragedies of families and children living in some parts of the Middle East and Africa have a wider significance: in fact they threaten our European values.”

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban
European People's Party

The declaration affirms “deepest solidarity with the Christians and other religious minority groups that are being persecuted all around the world.” It calls on the European Union, political decision makers and international organisations to enable Christian refugees to return to their homelands.

The “Budapest Declaration” is a welcome recognition of the specific threat and persecution faced by Christians globally, and particularly in the Middle East. However, real, lasting change will only come about if such public recognition leads to action.

Over 300 participants from 30 countries, including representatives from the Hungarian government, think tanks and charities, along with Christian leaders from around the world, were present at the conference.

From The Office of Deputy State Secretariat for the  Aid of Persecuted Christians

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