2017 November

Bangladesh: Catholic priest missing as Pope Francis arrives
International: Young refugees ‘urgently need access to education’
Kenya: IED Aimed at Christian Guesthouse on Church Property Misses Target
Pakistan’s government bends to protester’s will
God is moving amidst stories of Christian persecution in India
Christian Family in India Receives Notice to Stop Worship in Their Home
Egypt: 21 churches receive long-delayed government approval to build
Is Putin’s ‘education to patriotism’ bill another endorsement of Russian Orthodox Church?
Philippines priest describes ‘nightmare’ ordeal in Marawi
Iranian Christian women describe ‘world’s most brutal prison’
Myanmar: new peace talks announced during Pope’s visit
Nigeria: Child suicide bombing and Boko Haram’s future
Pakistan: Mukhtar Masih’s Blasphemy Case Closed After His Death
Kidnappings, Threats of Massacre Terrorize Christians in Kano State, Nigeria
Deal struck with anti-blasphemy protesters but Pakistan's minorities now gripped with fear!
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 434
Pastor sues local government from prison
Somali Muslims Break In, Beat Children of Christian Widow in Kenya
Kazakhstan: more Baptists fined ‘for unregistered meeting’
Nigeria: Kidnapped optician ‘shot dead after singing Amazing Grace’
South Sudan’s Christians return to Sudan, despite pressures
Pakistan: Islamic radical protesters take to the streets, and some shout: “Put Asia Bibi to death”
Egypt Mosque attack: targets of Islamist extremism
Sudanese Church: challenges and needs
Myanmar’s Christians hope Pope Francis will speak for them
Pakistan’s anti-blasphemy protests showcase minorities’ plight
Turkish Protestant church vandalised a second time in Malatya
Christians in Egypt Lose More Worship Sites
SUDAN – Government continues programme of persecution against Christians
INDONESIA – Ahok accuser convicted of hate speech

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