2017 December

Cuban Christmas: Silent night – because walls have ears
Christmas for refugees in Lebanon: far from home and reduced to handouts
Machine-gun ambush kills Christians leaving church near Cairo
Evangelist Graham: ‘Thousands Turn To Christ In Vietnam During Historic Festival’
BREAKING: Islamic State Claims Egypt Church Attack Killing 11
Extremists Attack Egyptian Church as Worshipers Leave Mass
The Syrian refugee’s Christmas: free from danger but not from worry
At Least Nine People Killed in Attack on Coptic Church in Egypt
IN High School Removes Church Banner Following Complaint
Catholic Church in Vietnam Asked to Remove Nativity Display
Christian Schools Warned Against Celebrating Christmas in India
Wenzhou Holds Monthly Prayer for Bishop under Gov’t Surveillance
Two Christians Killed During Christmas Season in Nigeria
Victims of Quetta Church Bombing Laid to Rest in Pakistan
Indian Christmas: fear and Western ways
Four Iranian men arrested at house church gathering
Iranian Christmas: Inconspicuous decorations … then celebrating behind bars
Authorities across China ban Christmas
Most Iraqi Christians in Baghdad are nearly gone, but some shelter at Camp Virgin Mary
Christmas in North Korea: an inner celebration
Nigeria: Fulani Herdsmen Kill Four Christmas Carolers
Egypt: Serious Injuries Sustained During Mob Attack Against Church
China: Pastor of largest official church released as prosecutor's drop charges
Bible translations flourish despite persecution
Pakistan and Iraq: Christmas joy mixed with grief
A merry Saudi Christmas and the flight from Egypt
Bringing Christmas to North Korea
Christians in India Strive to Overcome Typical Entrapment Scheme
Persecuted Pakistani Christian family arrives in Canada just in time for Christmas
China: Christian woman vanishes after church raid

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