US Officials Set to Discuss Wrongful Detention of Pastor in Turkey


Date:  January 26, 2018

Turkey (WWM)

US officials recently arrived in Turkey for a series of discussions which will include meeting about the wrongful detention of US pastor Andrew Brunson. Pastor Brunson’s ordeal began in October 2016, yet Turkey’s judiciary still has not issued a written indictment detailing the allegations against him. Charges are based on secret evidence and a secret witness. At first, Brunson was being kept in a cell with 20 other prisoners, but has since been moved to a maximum security prison where he is allowed out of his cell once a week.

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  • Pray for the swift release of Pastor Brunson.
  • Pray for the meetings between American and Turkish officials to be productive in advancing religious freedom.
  • Pray for Pastor Brunson to remain encouraged despite his imprisonment.

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