More Than 80 Killed in Benue State, Nigeria in January


Date:  January 26, 2018

Nigeria (ICC)

Despite the passage of an anti-open grazing bill, Fulani militants continue to devastate Christian communities in Nigeria. More than 80 Christians have been killed by Fulani militants since the beginning of the year in Benue State alone. Logo and Guma Counties have faced the brunt of the violence with Logo experiencing 50 deaths in just the first week. While some of the violence stems from land disputes, the degree of the violence and the targeting of Christians makes it clear that the actions are religiously motivated.

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  • Pray for the families that lost loved ones during these attacks.
  • Pray for the Nigerian government to offer greater protection for those affected by Fulani violence.
  • Pray for Christian communities in Benue to remain united in the face of tragedy.

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