2018 February

Outbreak of fighting in Aden triggers humanitarian concerns
Secret diary blows lid on IS plan to eradicate Mosul Christians
Court in Sudan Fines Christian Leaders for Defending Church Property
Rescue Imprisoned Christians in India
Open Doors UK claims that over 100 Christians have been sent to “re-education” camps in Xinjiang, China
Nigeria: 75 killed in renewed Fulani attacks on Christian community in Plateau
Germany: 97 anti-Christian attacks last year, most against refugees
Iranian convert to Christianity – ‘If I went back, I’d be killed’
Millions of women around the world denied religious freedom, says Open Doors
US Group: ‘Key Bible Translator Jailed In Islamic Nation’
Three Iran Christians Appealing Prison Sentence
China: After new regulations, Henan Christians face persecution
China: 100 Christians sent to ‘re-education’ camps in Xinjiang
Indonesia: Catholics forced to stop aid work after accusations of converting Muslims
Nigerian Air Force complicit in massacre of Christian villagers, says Amnesty
Muslim Herdsmen, Terrorists Kill Eight Christians in Central Nigeria, Sources Say
Twice Attacked Palestinian Nuns Seek Justice
Thirty-Five Children Rescued from Al-Shabaab
Turkmenistan Churches Denied Registration
Christians in North Korea Face Severe Repercussions for Their Faith
Evin Prison Scheduled for Abuse Investigation
Zimbabwe Church Attempts to Reclaim Stolen Land
China’s new religion regulations expected to increase pressure on Christians
European Court questions Russia over deportations under religion law
Egypt Minister: Churches have right to protection ‘Islam guarantees’
Vietnam town bans Catholic Mass under new religion law

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