2018 March

Central African Republic: church elder among six aid workers hacked to death
Vietnam: 2017 was ‘worst year’ for dissidents
Rwanda: Six pastors arrested following shutdown of 700 churches
Kazakhstan: 24 faith-related criminal convictions in 2017
Egypt: Beheaded Copts’ remains to be returned to families after three-year wait
Nigeria: Bloody clashes in Kaduna as Christian youths resist dating and conversion of Christian girls
China: Henan cracks down on house churches
Ministry recognized for Gospel impact on Persecuted Church in Iran
Special China Issue - Please Pray for Christians in China
Christian women at double risk of persecution – because of gender as well as religion
Religious freedom learning platform launched at UN
Rights group tells Russia to ‘properly respect’ religious freedom
Colombia: the #OfCourseMeToo of Christian women and girls
Kyrgyzstan Baptists repair church after arson attack
Hindu Extremists in Eastern India Attack Christians Coming Off Bus
Nigeria's Middle Belt Report: Fulani Militants Continue Attacks into February 2018
Mali & Burkina Faso: Captives Imperilled
China: Xinjiang increases crackdown on minorities, forbids Qu’ran, Arabic language study
As More Christians Are Killed in Somalia, Number of Orphans Grows
Egypt: Church dedicated to honor 21 Coptic Christians martyrs
Egypt Saudi Crown Prince makes ‘unprecedented’ visit to Coptic Pope
Mass grave of Christians found in Iraq
Cuba: Religious-freedom advocate freed after two days’ detention
Pakistan: Christian family attacked for helping build church wall
“Tortured for Christ” tells true story of strong faith under persecution
Algerian pastor decries church closure
53 churches legalised in Egypt, 1000s more still waiting
India: Six Christians injured following Hindu attack over baby’s burial
In Uzbekistan, religious freedoms ‘not recognised in law and practice’ – UN special rapporteur
Christians Seriously Injured after Attempted Burial in Eastern India

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