2018 March

China: Henan increases pressure on house church gatherings
China: Government demolition crew destroys official church cross
Film About Al-Shabaab Attack Nominated for Oscar
Sri Lanka Marked by Assaults Against Religious Minorities
Six Christians in Pakistan Charged with Blasphemy Against Islam
Boko Haram Kidnaps 100 Schoolgirls in Nigeria
Hindu Extremists Threaten Elderly Christians and Burn Bibles
Violent Clash in Nigeria Results in Twelve Deaths and Many Injuries
Indonesia Christians’ whipping a rare example of non-Muslims punished under Sharia
Somalia Christians ‘killed by their children’s children’
Philippines: Marawi’s rebuilding yet to start, despite warning that defeating extremism depends on it
India: Tamil Nadu continues to lead the way in violent attacks on Christians
New report slams Vietnam’s human-rights record
Pakistani Christians Commemorate Shehbaz Bhatti on the 7th Anniversary of His Assassination
Two missionaries expelled for faith in Mexico
Pastor, Other Christians Slain in Herdsmen Revenge Attacks in Northeast Nigeria
Pakistan Police Sexually Abuse Cousin of Detained Christian
Christians Killed In Nigeria; More Than 100 Schoolgirls Missing
BREAKING: 100 Iranian Christians Facing Deportation From Austria After the US Rejects Asylum
Algeria: two more churches closed, others threatened
Rwanda: 700 churches closed down – in just one province
Bangladesh: Militant group ‘targets’ Christian converts
Nigeria: Boko Haram killed Christian woman’s son to ‘teach her a lesson’ for not converting to Islam
International: Religious-freedom violations in education ‘under-reported’
Death and destruction as Boko Haram launches fresh attacks in Cameroon
Indonesian church attacked by Islamic extremist
India: Sending resources to Nagaland

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