2018 March

Laos government agrees to religious freedom education
Egypt: Alexandria Palm Sunday bombing, one year on – lone dad who lost his wife, uncle and nephew
Danger, discrimination and dhimmitude
Islamists in the Philippines plotting another Marawi
Christian Girls Kidnapped in Egypt
Pakistan court rules citizens must declare religion when applying for government jobs or IDs
Death toll from Fulani herdsmen continues to rise in Central Nigeria
Religious persecution could increase in Pakistan with new ruling
Islamic State hacking Christians’ Facebook accounts
Supporting persecuted pastors
Baghdad Christian doctor, wife and mother murdered
Muslim Relatives of New Christian in Eastern Uganda Attack Him with Hot Oil
Victims Share Personal Accounts of Fulani Attacks
Brave Woman Takes in Over 50 Orphaned Children
ISIS Officials Apprehended in Mosul
Eritrea Continues Persecution of Christians in Various Forms
Child Victims Experience Horrors During Marawi Siege
Churches Raided and Children Harassed by Authorities
Pakistan Christian escapes death for ‘clearly fabricated’ blasphemy
India’s government ‘rewriting history’ to appear more Hindu
‘Vietnam targeting religious followers, whose sole wish is to live their faith in peace’
Algeria closes fourth church in four months
Ethiopian Protestant loses appeal against prison sentence for ‘causing outrage to religious peace and feeling’
Egypt: Coptic teacher charged with contempt of religion for questions about Muhammad
All but One of the Dapchi Schoolgirls Released, the Only Christian
China: Public figures, friends gather to honor Chinese human rights defender
Pakistan: Update on blasphemy trial, Ahmed required in court
Turkey: date set for trial of US pastor Andrew Brunson
‘IS jihadists should be taken to International Criminal Court for genocide’
Nigerian kidnappers have released 101 girls. Nine have not returned; one of them is a Christian

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