2018 June

London Christian family catch takeaway driver destroying cross by front door on CCTV
Violent wave of church attacks in Nepal last month
UK government admits ethnic cleansing of Kachin Christians is taking place in Myanmar (Burma)
UN chief ‘personally concerned’ about return of Christians to Iraq and Syria
Only 25 out of 7,000 Syrian refugees recommended for resettlement in UK were Christian, and just 11 were accepted, report reveals
Egypt to pay for Coptic bomb attack victim’s surgery in Germany
Christian Death Toll from Herdsmen Attacks Mounts in Adamawa State, Nigeria
Human rights, religious freedom concerns turn spotlight on Iran
Iranian Christians request prayer following court hearing
Tajikistan: Christian convert’s burial delayed as relatives call for husband to return to Islam
Chinese pastor released after two and a half years in prison
US to fast-track $35m aid to Iraqi Christians and Yazidis
Eritrean pastor released after 11 years in prison
China: Christians in custody after Henan church raid
Outside pressures threaten SGA churches in Chechnya
Turkey: Christian Vulnerability Escalates Yet Again
Asia Bibi Marks Nine Years Since Arrest for Blasphemy in Pakistan
Did Mozambique beheadings signal emergence of jihad in southern Africa?
Iraqi Christian Rita was sold four times on the IS sex slave market
New cardinal warns of rise of ‘extremist Islam’ in Madagascar
Egypt’s Christians face ‘insurmountable barrier’ in pursuit of football career
Syria: Christians and Yazidis among 250,000 displaced in Afrin
What churches can do to help victims of sexual violence in conflict to stay ‘part of us’
Organizing People of Faith to Defend People of Faith
How Muslim Mobs Attack Christian Churches in Egypt with Impunity
Church attack in Chechnya builds ISIS concern in region
China: Human rights advocate to stand trial
Pastor in Eritrea Released After Decade in Prison
US: InterVarsity defends right to religious freedom on campus
Pressure ramping up against Christians in India

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