Reports Claim ISIS Militants Training Boko Haram in Nigeria


Date:  June 23, 2018

ICC Note: Nigeria is on alert because of reports that ISIS is sending fighters to train Boko Haram. Though the military has said that there is no concrete  evidence that the reports are true, they also said they understand terrorist groups are known to cooperate globally.

Nigeria (CAJ News) – NIGERIA is on high alert following reports the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is sending its members to train Boko Haram terrorists in the West African country.

The reports follow a faction of the Boko Haram pledging alliance to the globally-feared ISIS.

“Proactive measures are currently being taken to nip any such development if it exists in the bud,” said Brigadier General John Agim, the Acting Director of Defence Information.

He said the armed forces wished to assure all Nigerians that it was up to the task of defending the country and its citizens from every attempt to infiltrate it by criminals.

“Hence, the ill motivated stories, clips and their (terrorists’) claims should be disregarded,” Agim said.

How to Pray: Pray for citizens to turn to the Lord in this hour and to have boldness instead of fear as they face these threats. Pray for salvation for those in authority and in the military. Pray for the military to have wisdom as they protect the citizens of Nigeria.

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