2018 July

ISIS Member Sentenced for Violence in Nineveh Plains
Indian Christians Suffer Fifteen Attacks in Fourteen Days
90 Extremists Arrested for Attacking Christian Homes
Filipino Priests Receive Death Threats from Security Forces
Pastor in Hiding from Hindu Extremists – and Police –after Attack on His Church in India
Algerian authorities shut down third church in 2018
Vague Laos decree leaves Christians and churches vulnerable to prosecution
Muslim mob attack Christian homes after Egyptian Christian accused of insulting Islam on social media
Kachin Christians in Myanmar face injury or death from above and below
Pakistan: 25 july Polls Bode Ill for Christians
Continuing Violence Against Christians in Central Nigeria
Authorities in Algeria Seal Shut another Church Building
Arson Attacks Hit Churches in Tamil Nadu, India
Islamist Violence against Christians in Uganda Injures Pastors, Stops Church Services
Twenty Christians Severely Injured in Assault on Prayer Gathering in Northern India
Dissident Muslim Shudders at Violence Towards Egypt’s Christians
Iranian Christians Suffer Attack by Extremist Mob
Nigeria Mourns the Death of Hundreds
Gospel message becomes a casualty of Korean peace process
492 years after burning Bibles, St Paul’s calls police when man reads Word of God aloud in front of Cathedral
The UK appoints a Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief
Egyptian Christians celebrate the return of abducted young woman
Iraqi Christians suffer discriminatory taxation by the Kurdish Regional Government
Is history beginning to repeat itself in London, as St Paul’s Cathedral calls police when man reads Bible in English?
Sudan Returns Church Building Closed Four Years Ago
200 killed in recent violence near Jos in Nigeria
Pressure on Christians Heats Up in Nepal
Inda: A Dangerous Place for Christians
Egypt: Copts attacked after Facebook post showing ‘contempt of Islam’
BJP responsible for most hate speech in India, study finds

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