2018 July

Blasphemers should be put to death, says one Pakistan party as elections near
Health inspections disguise persecution in Algeria
Nationalism’s intersection with the Christian faith
Ethiopia and Eritrea Sign Peace Agreement
Attack on seven Iranian Christians exposes religious minorities’ ‘extreme vulnerability’ in refugee camps
US envoy supports Sudan’s removal from ‘sponsors of terrorism’ list
‘Middle East without Christians would not be the Middle East’ – Pope Francis
India: 16 more Christians detained under Jharkhand’s ‘anti-conversion law’
Algerian ‘happy to be free at last’ after jail sentence and fine for carrying Christian items
Great Britain Bolsters Religious Freedom Profile
Yizhuang Campus of Beijing’s Largest House Church Forcibly Barricaded
China Human Rights Lawyers Group statement
North Korea tells US to drop ‘anachronistic human rights racket’
Laos: Law on associations ‘skewed to target religious minorities’
Twenty Christians Severely Injured in Assault on Prayer Gathering in Northern India
First Anniversary of Mosul Liberation Marked by Security Concerns
Christians in Rajasthan, India Harassed with False Charges, Church Leaders Say
Locals burn pastor's house, puts his son in jail in Bangladesh
Killing Spree by the Fulani Herdsmen
Two Christian leaders kidnapped in Burkina Faso
Buhari renews pledge to protect Nigerians as killings continue
The Mexican bishop who negotiates with the cartels
Myanmar: Army accused of destroying churches and turning them into Buddhist temples
Iranian Christian released by ‘courageous’ judge
New law in Laos threatens Christians’ right to meet
Traumatized Widows in Kenya Face Ordeal of How to Press On
Four Suspects in Priest’s Murder Case Now in Police Custody
Sunday Morning Attack: Six Killed in Plateau State
Newly Appointed Cardinal Claims Pakistan is Unable to Control Growing Extremism
Two Pastors, Mother of Eight Shot to Death in Plateau State, Nigeria

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