2018 August

Series of Attacks Plagues Egypt’s Beleaguered Christians
Court in Nepal Sentences Pastor to 10 Years in Prison on Rape Conviction
Iran Christians Sentenced To Combined 45 Years Jail; Amnesty Demands Release
China: Seven congregations forced to relocate in bid to close church
US Pastor Case in Turkey ‘Should highlight the millions of persecuted Christians globally’
India State Releases Jailed Christians
Tajikistan Detains Christians For Evangelism Amid Wider Crackdown
Uganda Evangelical Church Closed After Muslim Attacks
Outside the Church: Christian Social Service in China
Pakistani Christians Fear Greater Persecution Under New Government
Al-Shabaab Attack Victims Continue to Mourn One Year Later
Prayers Needed for Turkey’s Heavily Pressured Church
Historic link shown between economic stress and violence to minorities
Religious freedom violations in Asia increasing – UN Rapporteur
Amnesty launches writing campaign for release of four Iranian Christians
ICC Marks 10th Anniversary of India’s Mass Killing of Christians
Priests pen letter protesting forced displayal of Chinese flag
Judge Orders Return of Confiscated Church Property in Sudan
‘ISIS won despite defeat as West was unwilling to confront it’
India: Kandhamal Christians still waiting for justice one decade after massacre
China forces churches to align with government ideals
No religious minority representative on Pakistan PM’s new cabinet
Egypt: IS murder of Coptic vet followed warnings to ‘leave or die’
China: Gansu government orders churches to close
Two pastors assaulted by the Border Guard Force (BGF) in Kachin, Myanmar
Christian charged with ‘Blasphemy’ in Pakistan
Christians warned that one church will be closed every week,
Church Near Kampala, Uganda Closes after Months of Islamist Attacks
Indonesia: 'Sword' of Weaponised Islam Revealed
China’s head of religious affairs warns of ‘domination’ by ‘foreign forces’

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