2018 August

Korean reunification would not resemble German experience, says theologian
Iran’s Christians Caught in the Crosshairs
China: Pastor summoned for questioning during church intrusion
Coptic boy who saw father killed wants to join police ‘to protect Christians’
Nigeria denies paying ransom for Dapchi girls’ release from Boko Haram
US imposes sanctions on Myanmar for ‘widespread human rights abuses’
China: Henan landlord arrested for renting to three Uyghurs
Turkey’s anti-terror law dangerous to Brunson case and other Christians
Social Management Measures Against Christianity in China
Hindu Extremists in India Create Nightmare for Pastor's Family
Jinan officials tear down third Catholic church in a year
Pastor Arrested Over False Accusation of Human Trafficking
Nepali law criminalising ‘hurting of religious feelings’ comes into force
Chinese church closures, demolitions continue
Syria’s Christian villages ‘hollowed out’ by IS
China: Officials raid Henan church, detain Christians
US, Turkey: Pastor Andrew Brunson’s appeal to leave house arrest rejected
Persecution ramps up in Nepal after anti-conversion legislation
Dealing with new regulations on the Chinese Church
House-Church Members in Iran Reportedly Sentenced to Year in Prison
Saudi’s Hard Line Stance Against Christians Challenged by Historical Monastery
Hong Kong is a Bible Distribution Point as China Bans Online Bible Sales
Indonesia Runs Out of Prison Space for Extremist Detainees
Christians Refuse to Return to Mosul
Mexican pastor survives assassination attempt
Myanmar’s ‘forgotten Christians’
Pakistani Christian assembly member vows to protect rights of religious minorities
Tell the UN to Help Persecuted Christians
China: Religious official pens letter exposing closing of 20 churches
US sends millions in military aid to Egypt

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