Thai Police Conduct Mass Raid on Christian Community, 150+ Arrested.


Date:                     August 30, 2018

Parents are being taken to the International Detention Center, while children are being sent to woefully unprepared migrant shelters.
Early this morning, Jubilee Campaign received news that Thai police had conducted a mass raid on a largely Christian community just outside of Bangkok. The police arrested 181 people, including 50 children. Most of them are Montagnard Christians, a minority group from Vietnam who have received horrible persecution from the Vietnamese government. Montagnard Christians are a group with a well-documented history of persecution, clearly qualified for international protection, and almost all of those arrested had been granted refugee status protection by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Bangkok, Thailand.
Thailand, while not a signatory of the Refugee Convention, has been in negotiations with the UN and other international partners for more than a year to take over some of the responsibility for the processing of the refugees that come to Thailand. One of the tacit understandings of this agreement has been that the Thai police will not arrest and detain persons who had been granted refugee status. In particular, the Thai government had indicated that it wanted to move away from imprisoning children in the obscene conditions that we had described to you in our prior releases on the International Detention Center. No such arrests had been made since January of 2018, and recent reports had indicated that the Thai government was going to be releasing children and their mothers to allow them to stay with at least one parent.
However, if these Christians deny the charges that have been leveled against them, the Thai government penalizes them by imprisoning their children in the International Detention Center, for the pendency of the trial. Even if the Christians plead guilty their children will be taken by the Thai police, separated from both parents and placed into what are being termed 'migrant shelters'. While we do not have exact details on the condition of the 'shelters', up until two weeks ago, the Thai government was indicating that these shelters were not funded or equipped to handle migrant children, and had requested significant private organizational funding to provide for these children. At this point, we cannot confirm that even basic needs such as food, shelter, and sanitation are being provided for these Christian children.
Jubilee Campaign has been advocating for the sake of the Montagnard Christians since the "boat people" campaigns which some of you may remember from the 1980s and '90s, which involved several persecuted minority groups from Vietnam, including the Montagnards. The faith and resilience of these Christians is a testament to the name of Christ.
Jubilee Campaign has partners on the ground who can help to support these families, both inside and outside of the International Detention Center, but their resources are, as always stretched far too thin. Please DONATE and indicate in the memo line that your gift is for to help Christians Children in Thailand, and we will make sure those donations are passed along to our partners.
Additionally, we encourage you to call the Thai Embassy at (202) 944-3600 and let them know that the American people are appalled at this inhumane treatment of Christian refugees. Please join with us in prayer and stay tuned for further updates as we react to the emerging news on this alarming situation.

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