ICC's Free International Day of Prayer Resource Kit

Source:                   www.persecution.org

Date:                        August 30, 2018


This November, millions of Christians worldwide will unite for one cause: to join the global Body of Christ for the 2018 International Day of Prayer (IDOP) for the Persecuted. The number one thing persecuted Christians ask for is prayer, and we want to equip you to be able to meet their request.

Many churches will dedicate November 4, 2018 (some churches will honor IDOP on November 11) to remember and pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. Let International Christian Concern help you prepare your church, small group, or prayer gatherings for this year's IDOP through the ICC IDOP Kit.

Each year, in preparation for IDOP Sunday, ICC assembles a unique resource kit for both churches and individuals and sends out our expert staff to speak at churches and organizations on the plight of the persecuted. You can sign up for the IDOP Resource Kit and request speakers here. Thank you for partnering with us to pray for and serve our suffering brothers and sisters.
Also, don't forget to sign our IDOP Petition calling on the government of Indonesia to release Martinus Gulo who was imprisoned for blasphemy.

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