Hindu Leader Claims Flood Aid Should Be Denied to “Beef-Eaters” in India

Source:  www.persecution.org

Date:  August 25, 2018

ICC Note: A leader of a hardline Hindu organization has said that relief to flood-hit victims in India’s Kerala state should not be given to individuals who eat beef. This call to deny aid to beef-eaters will disproportionately affect religious minorities as bans on beef eating primarily come from the cow being revered in Hinduism. The leader went further to say that recipients of aid should be forced to sign a contract promising to refrain from eating beef for the rest of their lives.

India (UCAN) – The leader of a hardline Hindu organization has appealed to the federal government and Hindus in general not to provide relief to flood-hit victims in Kerala who eat beef, as the cow is a revered animal in Hinduism.

Swami Chakrapani Maharaj, leader of the All India Hindu Assembly, told the media on Aug. 23 that those who slaughter cows and consume its flesh should not be given relief of any sort after heavy rains pelted the southern Indian state this month.

Catastrophic floods and landslides from Aug. 14-18 killed an estimated 400 people. Another 1.3 million have been displaced seeking refuge in relief camps where they subsist on donated food and clothes.

But while Catholic groups have poured in to help, with 41 dioceses in the state opening schools and other institutions to accommodate victims, as well as sending food and clothing to affected areas, Chakrapani said it would be a “major sin to give any relief and support to those flood sufferers in Kerala who are beef eaters.”

“Before giving any assistance, one should ask the victim whether they have ever eaten cow meat, and then in accordance with their answer, relief should be decided on,” he added in a statement.

Aid can only be dispensed to beef-eating flood victims who consent to sign a legally binding form promising they will refrain from consuming beef for the rest of their lives, he added.

Cow slaughter is banned in most Indian states but Kerala is in the minority as beef is legally available there and serves as a regular staple even among Hindus.

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