Chinese Authorities Force Churches to Replace Crosses with National Flags


Date:  August 26, 2018

ICC Note: Christians in China continue to be harassed by the government since churches are being forced again to replace crosses on their buildings with the Chinese flag. Children are also prohibited from attending church with threats of cutting any government financial assistance to low-income families.

China (CP) – Chinese Churches are being forced by authorities to replace crosses atop churches with Chinese flag. Churches are being told to display pictures of Chinese President Xi Jinping. Communist government is forcing the Churches to align with government’s policies.

China Aid- a Christian persecution watchdog reports that churches across the Xinyu County, Jiangxi have received official orders to display the China’s national flag and Chinese President Xi Jinping’s picture and posters with socialist values written on them. Moreover, children have been barred from attending church. In case the locals failed to follow the instructions, government’s allowance for low-income nationals will be cut.

HOW TO PRAY: Pray for creative methods for churches to share the Gospel and provide for those in need. Pray for opportunities for Christians to serve and show the love of Christ to authorities. Pray for the salvation of President Xi Jinping and that he will know the love and truth shared in churches throughout China.

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