2018 September

India: 271 Christians charged with converting Hindus through lies and drugs
Kenyan worship leader one of two killed for failing to say Islamic prayer of faith
Boko Haram kills midwife, threatens to kill other hostages, including Leah Sharibu, unless demands met
‘Being Burmese means being Buddhist’ – pastor explains discrimination faced by Christians in Myanmar
Central African Republic: Dozens feared dead after massacre in Bria
‘UN must recognise persecution of Christians in Middle East as genocide’
‘Not all incidents are religiously motivated’ – Pakistan professor
China: Church cross burns during demolition
Chinese Churches threatened with surging nationalism
Persecution and opportunities for believers in India
Hindu Extremists Accelerate Clampdown on Christians in Uttar Pradesh, India
China: Locations of church broken into, forced to close
China: Kazakh kidnapped, imprisoned on dual citizenship charge
Largest House Church in Beijing Shut Down by the Government
10 Killed, 20 Wounded in Assault on Syrian Christian Town
South Sudanese Youth Evangelist Shot to Death
Christian Inmate in Iran Suffers Heart Attack
Attacks against Copts ‘among deadliest acts of religious persecution’ – report
Nigeria: Dozens more killed as Fulani herdsmen violence continues in Plateau state
Christians React to China’s Crackdown
Parents of Kidnapped Leah Sharibu Awaiting Government Action amid Groundswell of Support
Family of murdered Pakistani Christian MP open training centre for women
China: Church raided amid escalating crackdown
Christians respond while world pressures Myanmar authorities
Egypt: Closed churches force Copts to hold funerals in the streets
UAE an ‘oasis of freedom’ for foreign Christians
Kidnapped Nigerian Christian girl Leah Sharibu’s home burgled
China: More church closures and Internet censorship in further religious clampdown
Egyptian Christians Report Rising Persecution
Chinese authorities shut down one of Beijing’s largest house churches

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