2018 October

India: Violence against Christians continues in run-up to 2019 elections
Algeria: Christian family accused of ‘proselytism’ – hearing postponed
Andrew Brunson’s legal appeal sent to Turkey’s highest court
Pakistan: The Long Wait Continues for Asia Bibi
Egypt: Church Legalization Remains Hot Issue Seven Years After Maspero Massacre
China: 300,000 detained in Xinjiang concentration camps were transferred to other provinces
China: Early Rain Covenant Church endures more persecution as authorities target churches
Pakistan: FMI requests prayer as world awaits Asia Bibi verdict
China: New details about Xinjiang holding centers reveal system of torturing minorities
Christians Face Trial in Algeria over Wife's Accusations of Evangelizing
Imprisoned pastors in Myanmar released on condition they stop praying in church
Sunday School teacher dies saving children from Indonesian earthquake
Pakistan Supreme Court delays verdict on Aasia Bibi’s final appeal against “blasphemy” death sentence
Barnabas calls for withdrawal of Scotland’s “hate crime” posters that promote anti-Christian prejudice
Chinese church raided and looted by 1,000 police and government agents
Syria school closures persecution escalates as Christian teacher survives attack
Muslim mob assault and evict only Christian family in Pakistan village
Indonesian tsunami mudslide buries church killing 34 Christian students
Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 476 | RLPB 1000
Violence against Christians Ratchets Up in Southern India
Six Months after Medical Personnel Kill Christian in Pakistan, No Arrests, Brother Says
Pakistan’s Supreme Court hears Asia Bibi’s ‘blasphemy’ appeal but delays ruling
China: Christians, churches under scrutiny as China increases persecution
More Iranian Christians receive prison sentences, Middle East Concern requests prayer
Asia Bibi to Be Acquitted by Pakistan’s Supreme Court
China: Human rights lawyer's sister visits him in prison
Sudan Releases Bible Shipments Detained in Port Years Ago
Three Indonesian Churches Shut Down for “Administrative Reasons”
Another Attack in Plateau Places Jos Under Curfew
Illegal Occupation of Monastery Continues in Turkey

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