2018 November

West ‘failing to convert words of concern into action’ against ultra-nationalism
Another Algerian church closed
Pakistan: Asia Bibi ‘hunted door-to-door’
Hindu Extremist Mob Tries to Burn Pastor Alive in Odisha, State, India
China: Church ordered to remove cross, display Chinese flag
China: Police detain more Christians for street evangelism
Dramatic rise in Hindu extremist attacks on Indian Christians in Uttar Pradesh
Chin Christians stripped of refugee status, may be forced to return to face persecution in Myanmar
Laos district governor orders Christian families to leave village or face jail
British Muslim politician resigns for Aasia Bibi’s sake
Jakarta mosques encouraging Indonesian government workers to join Islamic State
More than 40 slaughtered in attack on Christian mission in CAR
Muslims in Kenya Give Christian Family One Day to Return to Islam
High Caste Hindus Force Church to Close in Western Nepal
Christians Report Extortion Threats in Ankawa
Thirteen Christian Converts in Sudan Arrested and Tortured
Tribal Movement in India Joins Hindu Radicals to Persecute Christians
Arrest of Converts Shows Close Surveillance of Christians in Iran, Advocate Says
Central African Republic (CAR): Massacre in Alindao
Hard-Line Sikhs, Hindus Persecute Christians in Northern India
China: Church closed, pastor detained
Chinese Church faces rising pressure
Church in Nepal Forced to Shut Down
Kidnapped Nigerian Priests Freed by Police
79 Children Abducted from Christian School in Cameroon
Hospital Treatment Denied to Vietnamese Pastor in Prison
Egypt: Violent Intruder Disrupts Cairo Church, Injuring Two
Myanmar: Bible students ‘suffering health and psychological problems’ after escaping armed group
China: People involved in Christian woman's live burial sentenced, husband hopeless to appeal
Sending Christian books and Bibles to the oppressed

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