2018 November

It’s getting harder to follow Christ in India
Pakistan Christians wary as asylum offers flood in for Asia Bibi
Young Kyrgyz Christian hospitalised, while his attackers go free
Angola: 2,000 unregistered churches forced to close
Catholic churches across China targeted in wake of Vatican-China agreement
Pastor of Guangzhou House Church Detained
Nigeriens call for Jeff Woodke’s release, 2 years after his abduction
Indian Christian forum demands withdrawal of ‘bogus’ charges of forced conversions
China: Scholar conducts survey of Chinese church persecution
Ireland sets an example with blasphemy law removal
Prince Charles bypassing Jos ‘robbed Nigeria’s Christians of opportunity to create awareness about our travails’
‘Next time we will not survive’ – Middle East Christian refugee
Pope and Assyrian patriarch ‘share suffering’ of Christians in Middle East
‘Christians appear weak,’ says Bangladesh Christian Association president after rapes
‘Complex labyrinth of “legal” restrictions’ for religious communities in Azerbaijan
Tribal Leaders Join Hands with Hindu Extremists to Persecute Christians in Jharkhand, India
Algerian authorities seal village church over “health and safety”
Thai authorities divide detained Vietnamese Christian refugee families
Kenya missionary families evacuate under threat of Al Shabaab terror attack
Aasia Bibi released from prison but still held in Pakistan, as fake news reports put family in danger
China: Changsha church harassed repeatedly
Church Leaders in Nigeria Not Giving Up on Rescue of Leah Sharibu
181 Christian Refugees still Detained by Thailand Authorities
Multi-Faith Group Forms to Curb Religiously Motivated Violence in Nigeria
Seven Christians in India Beaten with Hockey Sticks
Gunmen Replicate 2017 Bus Attack Against Egyptian Christians
UK government commits £12 million to championing religious freedom
Chinese ‘underground’ bishop detained by police for fifth time in two years
India: ‘I have witnessed the power of prayer’ – priest held captive for 18 months in Yemen
China: Fujian church experiences multiple raids

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