2018 December

Pakistan: of concerns, Christmas, and Christians.
Pakistan joins US list of worst religious freedom violators
IS ‘won’t escape justice’ after Trump signs genocide accountability act
Gospel for Asia Spotlights Special Report on the 70th Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights
China Cracks Down on Unofficial Church, Arresting Pastor and 100 Members
China: The CCP's War on Religion Heats Up
Indian Christians heave sighs of relief as Hindu nationalists lose elections in key states
Egypt: Copt sentenced to three years in prison for ‘blasphemous’ Facebook post
Musician handed three-year jail term for insulting leaders
Iranian prisoner finds Christ amidst sanctions crisis
Slain missionary John Chau quarantined himself, took immunizations to avoid harming tribe, battled with his emotions
Reflections on the Landmark International Religious Freedom Act
Indonesian Christian governor Ahok set for early release from prison
Raymond Koh’s wife ‘expects justice’ as inquiry into Malaysian pastor’s abduction ends
UK parliamentary group calls out 27 countries for ‘significant’ religious freedom violations
Egyptian Christian Receives Three-Year Prison Sentence for Insulting Islam
'I don't have religious freedom"; Chinese veteran protests persecution
Iraq’s One-Year Military Defeat of ISIS Marred by Security Concerns
China: Shenzhen Christians beaten, arrested for preaching
China: Pressured landlord breaks church's lease
70 years since universal declaration, human rights ‘ignored and abused all over the world’
China: More Persecution
Indonesia releases “Heresy App” threatening minorities
Attack on Private Gathering in Northern India Typifies Hindu Extremist Strategy
Christian Prisoner Denied Right to See Dying Mother
Worship Service in Uttar Pradesh Disrupted and Threatened by Radical Mob
Militia Forces Threaten Iraqi Priest
Boko Haram Kidnapped 15 Girls from Niger
CAR: Children hurt as another displaced persons camp attacked
Police in China given quotas for how many Christians to arrest

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