2019 January

Muslim Police Officers, Others Beat and Arrest Christian in Kenya
Christian Man Kidnapped in Sinai
Cross-shaped Mosaic to be Painted Over in Central Java Over Complaints
Iranian Judges Pressure Christians to Renounce their Faith
Chinese Christians Forced to Make Choice Between Welfare Benefits or Belief
Vietnamese government urged to cease persecution of religious minorities ahead of UN review
Christian Acquitted of Blasphemy Charge after Two Others Sentenced to Death in Pakistan
New Zealand fails to offer sanctuary to any Christian refugees from Syria, Afghanistan or Iraq
Barnabas Fund welcomes MP Mr Jeremy Hunt’s recently launched government review on the global persecution of Christians
Nigerian Christians declare day of prayer as conflict heightens ahead of presidential election
Fifteen UK churches told to stop services in anonymous letters threatening attacks
Chinese government crackdown continues as 30 more arrests made at Early Rain church
Syrian Christian refugees failed by UK as Home Office policies "disproportionately advantage" Muslims
Christians in Britain face threat to their liberty, says leading politician
Philippines: Sharia Descends
China’s Shameful Abuse of Uyghurs
North Korea — 60,000 Christians in Concentration Camps
China: Kazakh celebrities under arrest in ethnic group crackdown
Russian religious regression creates opportunity for Protestant churches
China: Guangzhou church ordered to stop holding activities
Facing Torture, Death in Sudan, Convert Flees to Egypt -- and More Death Threats
China: SWAT team raids Christian dinner
Opinion: U.S. should adopt legislation holding China accountable for Xinjiang abuses
Egyptian Authorities Close Four Churches
Nigerian Bishop Released from Captivity
Sichuan’s Stream of Life House Church Raided by Police
Local Government Takes Steps to Protect Christian Graveyard in Pakistan
Persecution Update: The Modern Good Samaritans in Egypt
Chinese government fails to protect Tibetan language, Tibetan youth suffer
Can Egyptian committee tackle sectarian violence?

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