China: Wife, children of imprisoned church elder evicted


Date:                     February 22, 2019



Brynne Lawrence

Xu Miaozhuang, wife of
imprisoned Early Rain
Covenant Church elder
Su Bingsen, comforts
her children after they
are forcibly evicted.
(Photo: ChinaAid)

(Chengdu, Sichuan—Feb. 22, 2019) The wife of an imprisoned church elder in China’s Sichuan province, along with her four children, was forcibly evicted today because of her advocacy for her husband.

Ever since authorities seized her husband, Su Bingsen, during a crackdown on his church, Early Rain Covenant Church, Xu Miaozhuang has been advocating on his behalf, even meeting with German diplomats on Feb. 14. As a result, she was called into the police station last Friday, interrogated about the contents of her meeting with the German officials, and subsequently released on Saturday morning. Now, she and her four children have been evicted from the apartment she just rented.

In a statement about the incident, the church said, “This forced move is already the second time this suffering family has undergone pain. The children embraced Su’s wife and wept without ceasing. Whenever they lose a place and have to leave, they find a new environment, and after they only have a few days to adjust, the Chengdu’s police and national security then come to their door, and, through all kinds of manners and methods, drive them out.”

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