Two Kachin Christians severely injured as landmines continue to take bloody toll in Myanmar


Date:  February 21, 2019

Barnabas Fund contacts report that two Kachin Christian men were badly injured when one stepped on a landmine in Kachin state, Myanmar (Burma) on 7 January.

The men suffered severe lower-body injuries when they left the internally displaced persons (IDP) camp to look for food in a forest, where they triggered the anti-personnel mine.

One man was badly injured but did not lose any limbs. However, his friend’s injuries were so extensive that doctors had to amputate both of his legs. The man has two daughters, aged two-and-a-half years and seven months, and is reported to be in deep distress. Barnabas contacts have requested prayers for both men.

Two displaced Kachin Christians were badly injured by an anti-personnel mine as they foraged for food
Two Kachin Christians were badly injured by an anti-personnel mine as they foraged for food near their IDP camp

Landmines sown indiscriminately in civilian areas of northern Myanmar are continuing to cause appalling, life-changing injuries among displaced Kachin Christians. In July 2018, landmines and shrapnel injured several Christians, including some children, in Kachin state.

Tens of thousands of civilians were displaced in early 2018 when the Myanmar Army stepped up its military campaign in the state against the mainly-Christian Kachin people. A UN report has described the army’s actions as “crimes against humanity”. At the end of 2018, Myanmar’s military announced a unilateral four-month ceasefire for Kachin state.

From Barnabas Fund contacts

Please Join us in Prayer:  Lift up the two Kachin Christian friends severely injured by a landmine in Myanmar. Pray for their swift healing in body and mind, and that that they will be comforted knowing that God is their strength and salvation in times of distress (Isaiah 33:2). Ask that those who plant these deadly and destructive devices will see the light of God’s Word so that they give up their weapons and turn from war (Isaiah 2:4).


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